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Smart Home 
Repair and Installation Solutions

Step into the future of living with our custom smart home installation services.

At Brighter Days Electric, we want to help you bring your home into the future with our smart home repair and installation solutions. Whether you want to upgrade existing smart home features or want to take advantage of this new technology, we can help turn your home into a smart one easily and affordably.

Our Smart Homes Service

Mastering the Art

of Smart Homes

Brighter Days Electric's journey into the world of smart homes represents our commitment to embracing the future. Our team of experts has delved deep into the realm of smart technologies, becoming masters of the art. We've invested years in researching and implementing the latest advancements to offer you the most innovative and intuitive solutions for your living spaces.

What truly sets our smart homes service apart is our unwavering dedication to delivering customer-centric solutions. We understand that every homeowner has unique needs and desires. That's why we take the time to work closely with you, tailoring our smart home systems to match your specific lifestyle and preferences. Our goal is to enhance your daily life, ensuring that your smart home not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Customer-Centric Solutions

Creating Smarter, Safer, More Efficient Homes

At Brighter Days Electric, our smart homes service isn't just about gadgets; it's about creating homes that are smarter, safer, and more efficient. We're driven by values that prioritize your convenience, security, and energy efficiency. With a focus on seamless automation and state-of-the-art technology, we're dedicated to bringing you a living experience that's in perfect harmony with the future. Brighter Days Electric isn't just about smart homes; it's about a smarter way of life.


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond smart gadgets; it's about creating a seamless, integrated living environment. We take pride in our ability to bring your home to life, orchestrating a symphony of devices that work together harmoniously. From lighting and security to climate control and entertainment, we ensure that all aspects of your smart home function cohesively, providing you with an unparalleled living experience that's both enjoyable and effortless. With Brighter Days Electric, your home becomes an extension of your lifestyle, designed to make your every day better.


Our Smart Home Installation Services

Bring your home into the future with our smart home installation services! From lighting to security, you can trust Brighter Days Electric to fully integrate this technology into your home, adding convenience to your daily life. Whether you’re looking for mood lighting or a video doorbell, our professional services can handle any smart home installation.


Smart Switch Installation:
Control Your Lighting with Ease

Get greater control over your lighting, from dimming to changing colors. We can install smart switches throughout any room in your home to improve ambiance and set the perfect mood.

Smart Lighting Installation:
Set the Perfect Ambiance for Every Moment


Couple your smart switches with smart lighting. These devices can be programmed to go on and off on a timer, along with other functionalities individual to each system. Whatever you need it to do, there’s a smart lighting system for you.


Comprehensive Smart Home Automation Installation: Seamlessly Integrate Technology into Your Lifestyle

Smart homes include more than just lighting—we can help you identify areas to automate in each room and follow up with a complete installation and integration of these advanced technologies. Connect with us to book a consultation appointment for a comprehensive look at potential smart home technologies that might work for your property!

Smart Security and Doorbell Installation Services

Improved home security is a big motivator for many when it comes to implementing smart home systems. Brighter Days Electric can help. With our smart doorbell installation services, you can seamlessly experience the security and convenience that come with this technology.


Smart Doorbell Installation: Enhance Your Home's Security and Convenience

Get greater control over your lighting, from dimming to changing colors. We can install smart switches throughout any room in your home to improve ambiance and set the perfect mood.

Ring Video Doorbell Installation:
Keep an Eye on Your Front Door

The Ring video doorbell system is a household name, for good reason. Highly trusted and with a large field of view for enhanced security, this is a great choice for any home.


Blink Video Doorbell Installation:
Smart Security at Your Fingertips

The Blink video doorbell can sync with your Amazon Alexa, providing added security and convenience. You don’t even have to take your phone out to be alerted to an arrival at your door.


Xfinity Video Doorbell Installation:
Stay Connected to Your Home

As part of the Xfinity home system, this video doorbell can be synched to your TV with X1 or Xfinity Flex. This means you can have one central platform for all your home entertainment and security needs.


Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Installation:
Advanced Security with Clear Vision

Wyze provides you with the convenience of being compatible with both Google and Alexa, letting you pick and choose which smart home technologies and brands are best for you.

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Installation:
Simplify Your Home Security

With smart detection, the SimpliSafe video doorbell can easily distinguish movement between people, animals, and cars, helping reduce false alarms.


Arlo Video Doorbell Installation:
Reliable Security for Peace of Mind

The night vision features on the Arlo video doorbell can greatly enhance security, ensuring that you can see anyone coming up to your door at any time of day.


Why Choose Brighter Days Electric For Your Smart Home Work?

Brighter Days Electric is your team of local, trusted electricians. Our passion is to help our community get reliable, affordable electrician services so that you can get the smart home of your dreams. Whether you know the type of technology you want to install or need some advice on brands and ideas, we’re happy to provide our expertise and complete service that suits your needs. Get in touch today to learn more about our smart home installation services and smart doorbell installation. Our expert team of electricians is ready to help.

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